Purchase Order (P.O.) Financing / Trade Financing

Finance One offers P.O. financing and trade financing to clients who need to purchase goods or secure the resources to fulfill an order.

Some circumstances that may require P.O./trade financing are as follows:

  • When you receive an unexpectedly large order requiring immediate production
  • When you do not have sufficient capital to fulfill a purchase order
  • When you need short-term operating capital while waiting for a start shipping date with the merchandise ready for shipment
  • When you want to negotiate discounts on purchase of raw materials by paying in advance

Benefits of P.O. financing and trade financing include the following:

  • Injection of quick working capital to realize a sales opportunity
  • Prevention of potential loss of future business opportunities
  • Retention of vital business information by maintaining respective anonymity of your vendor and buyer
  • Facilitation of the import of raw materials and export of finished goods